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Name something you should have on your desk at work

Web Watch knows that not everyone has a standard “desk” job in an office.

You know – the one where you may be sitting in a cubical farm or an actual office (with a door), where you and your co-workers all get together to generate some sort of product for your company.

Some office managers frown upon personalizing one’s workspace, while companies like Pixar go out of their way to encourage as much creativity as possible (one Pixar employee build a speakeasy in the back of his cubicle area, complete with secret hidden entrance!).

Step2 Deluxe Desk
Step2 Deluxe Desk

But there are some THINGS THAT JUST DON’T BELONG IN AN OFFICE, no matter how creative an environment you work in.

According to folks who work at one seemingly uptight law firm, these eight items do not belong in an office:

  • Sexy photos – yes, even those bikini photos taken on your last vacation. Just put those away, hotshot.
  • Overly religious recruitment messages. A little Bible message can go a long way and may be all you need. That stack of applications to your local cult? Totally not a good idea.
  • Silly toys – especially if you’re trying to convey a reasonably serious workplace and attitude.  A little distraction can be fine, but too much can really be too much
  • Unmoderated amount of dedication to a hobby
  • Your child’s artwork
  • Political images
  • Scented anything – Web Watch has had to tell co-workers to stop using some extremely-stinky lotion that they all loved, as the smell permeated everything around for hours.  Headaches in the workplace are never good, especially ones that could be avoided.
  • Leftover food