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That book you’re reading says you’re a total douche

One of the better job interview questions you can ask to get to know the candidate a little better is “what was the last book you’ve read?”

Chances are, especially if the job candidate is a bit younger than average, they’ll be hard-pressed to come up with an answer as they’ve typically spent most of their waking hours online or texting their friends.

It tends to catch people off-guard as they struggle to remember any book that wasn’t required for class that they happened to read just for fun.

Catcher in the Rye
Catcher in the Rye

The same can be said if you were to ask this same question of someone while you’re on a first date or a blind hookup scenario.

Reading should be an everyone does it thing, but it’s often not.

Unless you’re a total douche, in which case you’ll be the first one to proudly proclaim your love for J.D. Salinger’s CATCHER IN THE RYE.  Oh, they’ll call you William Holden Caufield, alright.  But not for the reasons you’re thinking of.

Because CATCHER IN THE RYE is one of those douchebag books you’ll find on the LIST OF BOOKS THAT MAKE YOU TOTALLY UNDATEABLE.  As they say in the article, “any man over a certain age who still idolizes this book also still acts like a child.”

Other books that made the list include:

There are a few others on the list, but Web Watch can sense a trend here: basically, it appears that we may need to start donating some of our old books to charity just to get them out of the house.

After one reaches a certain age, it’s probably a good idea to lose some of those old friends if we want to replace them with new ones – if you know what we mean…