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The 11 Worst Companies in America to Work For

Everybody has a career line item that you’ve considered leaving off your resume for various reasons.

For some, it’s because you don’t want to acknowledge ever having worked at that company.  For others, it’s because the job was so horrible that you didn’t even make it an entire year.

Maybe you were asked to leave, as a mutually beneficial decision.  Maybe you just left your ID badge on your desk, walked out without a word to anyone, and quietly slipped out while nobody was watching.

Regardless of your reasons for hating your job, you should rest happy knowing one thing:

50 Jobs Worse Than Yours
50 Jobs Worse Than Yours

It’s not always the job that’s bad.

Sometimes, it’s the companies themselves.   Here is a list of 11 COMPANIES THAT SUCK, courtesy of the website 24-7 WALL STREET:

11.  Bank of New York Mellon

10. GameStop

9.  Rite Aid

8. Hewlett-Packard

7. Robert Half International

6.  Sears / Kmart

5. OfficeMax

4. Hertz

3. RadioShack

2. Dillard’s

1. Dish Network

You’ll have to click through the above link to read exactly why 24-7 WALL STREET selected these organizations as the WORST companies to work for.  Hey, there’s always room for improvement, right?  Isn’t that one way to look at a list like this?