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The Most Hated Companies in America

If there’s one thing that Social Media has taught us it’s that people love to bitch about lousy customer service.  You don’t often hear people Tweeting about the awesome customer service that they receive (perhaps they’ll tweet about a news story about someone else getting some company loving, but it’s rarely from the recepient themselves).

What’s the old adage? If you like something, you’ll tell 5 people. If you hate something, you’ll tell EVERYBODY?

I Love The Work, But I Hate the Business
I Love The Work, But I Hate the Business

That brings us to today’s list, which generally has to do with companies that are regarded as having lousy customer service or customer relations.

This is the findings of the independent AMERICAN CUSTOMER SATISFACTION INDEX, a review of leading companies and the public’s general perception of those businesses.  The last time we looked at this list was back in 2010, so it’s fair time for us to take another look at who’s made the cut…

Sure, we could talk a lot about this year’s number one company in the eye of the consumer (Mercedes), but that’s not nearly as much fun as listing the BOTTOM TEN WORST COMPANIES ON THE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION INDEX for 2013:

  1. Long Island Power Authority
  2. Time Warner Cable
  3. United Airlines
  4. Comcast
  5. Facebook
  6. LinkedIn
  7. Time Warner Cable
  8. Comcast
  9. US Airways
  10. Charter Communications (Cable TV division)

What do you think? Do these companies deserve to be listed on the bottom, or have you had some good experiences that you would want to share that could/should elevated these businesses a bit higher in the rankings than they received?