Which Fictional Character Do You Share Your Birthday With?

Ask pretty much anyone about their birthday, and we can be fairly certain that the person you’re asking will be able to tell you about any number of famous people who share birthdays on the same day.

“Harrison Ford!”

“Abraham Lincoln!”

“King Henry VIII!”

“Miley Cyrus!”

A lot of this will be printed in the paper, and the information doesn’t really change from year to year.  Astrologers really have it easy, don’t they?

Mom's Birthday Calendar
Mom’s Birthday Calendar,
or How to keep track of the Birthdays of pretty much everyone in the whole wide world

But ask those same friends of yours if they know of any FICTIONAL CHARACTERS that they share a birthday with, and chances are that your friends who were so boastful about knowing everything there is to know about their special day may not actually know as much as they think they do.

Did you know that Buffy the Vampire Slayer was born on January 19th?

Sesame Street’s Ernie celebrates on January 28th?

That Wonder Woman and James T Kirk could blow out the candles together on March 22nd?

Or that we can take solace in how Troy from TV’s Community shares his birthday with The Dude on December 4th.  This one does explain a lot, if you’re familiar with the show.

So check out the list of Fictional Birthdays – who do you share your birthday with?