How much do fictional houses cost in the real world?

We’ve all played our fair share of board games and video games over the years, and have watched any number of movies and TV shows.

The one thing all of these have in common is that they take place at some location, somewhere around the world.

And we’ve all pretty much wondered the same thing:


HOW MUCH DOES THAT (mansion / house / building / castle / etc) COST IF IT EXISTED IN THE REAL WORLD?

Well, worry no more.

TheMOVOTO BLOGhas a series of reasonably intelligent analytical articles that piece apart these fictional locations in an attempt to put a real-world price on the expensive real estate.

For example, the CLUE MANSION (where Mr. Boddy was so unceremoniously murdered), must contain a kitchen, study, ballroom, conservatory, billiard room, library, hall, lounge, and dining room — not to mention the secret passageways.  Along the way, they also determined that the mansion must have a minimum of eight bedrooms.

With all this information (and more), Movoto determined that the CLUE mansion would cost somewhere around $4.45 million dollars in the real world.

Other fantasy real estate analysis they’ve looked at include:

  • The Barbie Dreamhouse
  • Batman’s Wayne Manor
  • Cost of living at 123 Sesame Street

What Web Watch loved most was the thought that went into figuring out how much Super Mario Brothers’ BOWSERS CASTLE cost, based on equating the size of a Super Mario gold coin to famed actor Bob Hoskins, then using that ratio to work out the building size with the cost of a Bob Hoskins-sized gold coin.