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The most exact way to determine if your skirt is too short

Women have it rough, sometimes.

All they want to do is look attractive enough to catch a mate, but some of the fashion choices that are available can leave some women a bit more exposed than they’d like to be.

Some women prefer not to show cleavage. Some women prefer not to wear underwear, to eliminate unusual lines from appearing on their butts.

Hi-rise, Mom-type jeans.  Low-rise jeans.  To wear a slip, or not wear a slip.

It’s a myriad of questions that every woman must face as she’s putting together her wardrobe for the day.


And then there’s the dreaded miniskirt.

And not just a regular miniskirt, but a MICRO-MINI SKIRT. You know, that inch-wide piece of fabric and elastic that was never intended to be seen out in public, or at least not outside of certain bars or nightclubs.

And as Cynthia Nellis points out, WOMEN OVER 40 DON’T WEAR MINISKIRTS.  Which means that the miniskirt companies should know that they could increase their sales dramatically if they added an extra inch or two (or three, or four) to their existing product lines in order to appeal to a slightly older audience that still wants to feel sexy in their short skirts.

But not skirts that are too short.

The point of all this?  Cynthia has come up with the ULTIMATE WAY TO KNOW IF YOUR SKIRT IS TOO SHORT.

“If you try to use your clutch to cover your private areas”

Makes sense to us.  As long as you always carry a clutch with you as you head out on the town in your skirt.  Or don’t plan on sitting down.  Either way, as long as you have a plan.

Just another friendly Public Service Announcement from your friendly Web Watch team.