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Korean women are getting the most unusual hair transplants

Women overseas are almost always the first to try new fashion trends.  From France to Japan to Brazil – other countries are often at the forefront of what we’ll be seeing American women adopt in the upcoming months and years.

But do we think that Korea’s latest fashion trend will catch on?

Stop Smirking at my Merkin
Stop Smirking at my Merkin

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What’s more practical than a Star Wars Princess Leia Bikini?

We’re now deep into New Year’s Resolution time, with the most popular resolution being “to lose weight”.

And what better way to motivate your man (or your woman) than encouraging with a “if you meet your goal, I’ll / You’ll wear THIS” reward?

Hey, for the movie nerd in your life, that’s the best kind of motivation there is!  It’s all about gamification.

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The most exact way to determine if your skirt is too short

Women have it rough, sometimes.

All they want to do is look attractive enough to catch a mate, but some of the fashion choices that are available can leave some women a bit more exposed than they’d like to be.

Some women prefer not to show cleavage. Some women prefer not to wear underwear, to eliminate unusual lines from appearing on their butts.

Hi-rise, Mom-type jeans.  Low-rise jeans.  To wear a slip, or not wear a slip.

It’s a myriad of questions that every woman must face as she’s putting together her wardrobe for the day.


How your shoes can predict your personality

They say that “shoes make the man”.

Women often say that the first thing they notice about a potential date is their shoes.

Men often pay attention to women who wear FMPs.

Yes, shoes are an integral part of who we are, and what defines us.

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Pictures of Couples Who Dress Alike, but aren’t twins. (Don’t be these people)

It’s almost Halloween time, and that time of year when spouses everwhere dread those two awful words:

“Couples’ Costume”

You never want to be THAT couple at a Halloween party, where your costume depends on your spouse to be around in order to complete the picture.  You don’t want to be dressed as an electric plug, and not have your outlet nearby – if you know what we mean.

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Fun with Photography: Water Wigs

Men- are you going bald?  If so, what’s your plan?

Not every man can pull off a wig.  Web Watch knows some balding men that have either gone with the “short stubble” look, or completely shaved everything off.  At least in our circle of friends, we may have a few bare crowns, but there isn’t anyone that’s decided to do a complete comb-over like our grandparents would do.

One of our friends once contemplated getting hair plugs/grafts — at the time, he said it was a bargain for $11,000, and his girlfriend at the time really pushed for it.  But he had second thoughts and decided that he was going to work it out with what God intended him to have, hair or not.

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How to dress like Honey Boo Boo (and other Halloween ideas)

By now, Web Watch is sure you’ve seen the trainwreck of a reality TV show on TLC, HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO.

We thought it would be a perfect time to tell you how to DRESS LIKE HONEY BOO BOO as the Perfect Halloween Costume for this year.

10 Things How To shopping

10 Ways to Spot a Douchebag

Sometimes you just want somebody to tell you that you’re being one.

Sometimes you like to point it out in others.

Let’s face it – douchebags can be lots of fun — especially to those people who feel that they’re not being a douche at the time.

But while it may have been cool to even be aHipster Douchebag, maybe it’s time to hang up the duckface and move on to other things.