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Fun with Photography: Water Wigs

Men- are you going bald?  If so, what’s your plan?

Not every man can pull off a wig.  Web Watch knows some balding men that have either gone with the “short stubble” look, or completely shaved everything off.  At least in our circle of friends, we may have a few bare crowns, but there isn’t anyone that’s decided to do a complete comb-over like our grandparents would do.

One of our friends once contemplated getting hair plugs/grafts — at the time, he said it was a bargain for $11,000, and his girlfriend at the time really pushed for it.  But he had second thoughts and decided that he was going to work it out with what God intended him to have, hair or not.

Wigs for Men
Wigs for Men

So let’s get back to that wig thing.

Let’s say that you shaved your head, and you’ve been bald for years.  You’ve been bald so long that you’ve totally forgotten what you look like with hair.

Face it — you’re bald, bald, bald. Bald as a ping-pong ball bald.

So what’s a cool way to show off what you would look like if you had hair, without going to the trouble of actually trying on some synthetic weave?

Why not try a WATER WIG?

Tim Tadder took a bunch of striking, bald male models and threw some funky-shaped water balloons at those bald heads. Using the magic of high-speed photography, he was able to capture the very moment that water balloon burst on top of that chrome dome — creating the illusion of a wig, made entirely of water.

It’s one of those games that you can play at home with your kids.  Have them throw water balloons at your head while your spouse takes a photo… and hope that they got that shot at the exact right instant the balloon explodes.

If you’re lucky, you’ll get a shot as good as one in Tim’s gallery, that you’ll be able to use for your next Christmas card to send out to your friends and relatives.