Going Bald? Cover it up with a Head Tattoo!

You’ve tried Rogaine and all those other hair-growth products, but let’s face it – your head is still bald, bald, bald.  Bald as a ping-pong ball.

Maybe you have the monk look going, with an ever-expanding crown poking out of the middle of your skill.

Or maybe you shave your head everyday to keep the receeding hairline at bay, but you’ve decided that you just don’t have a good looking bald head.  Hey, it happens.

So what do you do?

You get a head tattoo.

Advertising themselves as “From Baldness to Boldness”, HISTYL HAIR promises their clients that they will have a restored natural hairline, renewed sideburns or profiles – all in three hours or less.

They do this by tattooing your head, filling in the gaps or covering your entire head with a tattoo that looks like you have a finely-cropped head of hair.

Yes, it’s permanent.  Yes, it can be touched up as your head continues to shed hair or if your remaining hair turns grey.  

If this sounds like something you would like to do, Web Watch recommends that you “try before you buy” by drawing all over your head with a Sharpie marker first, just to see if you like the look before giving HiStyl a call.  Sharpies are cheap and easy to come by, and washes off with a good scrubbing.  Head tattoos?  Not so much. 

Just ask Mike Tyson.