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Coversmart: The Album Cover Art Quiz

The Art of the Album Cover
The Art of the Album Cover

How well do you know your album covers?

Maybe not as well as you thought, especially if key components of said cover have been Photoshopped out, just like we’ve seen with the INVISIBLES game a few years ago – you remember that one, where people were digitally erased out of movie scenes and you had to guess what the film was?

Which brings up to today’s site: THE COVERsmART QUIZ.

All you have to do is take a good look at each of that day’s five iconic album covers and submit your best guess for Artist and Title.  You get 1 point for each correct answer, but spelling and grammar do count, so be sure to use “The” appropriately.

Some of the more recent quiz topics have been:

  • Japanese Exports of the 90’s
  • UK Post-Punk Revival (00’s)
  • Embarrassing 80’s
  • 1976
  • John Hughes Saved My Life
  • 80’s Video Vixens

As we move towards more and more digital downloads, the art of the album cover is sadly going into a slow decline.  Let’s hope that sites like The Coversmart Quiz can help keep Album Cover Art alive.