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Where was that album cover photo taken?

You have a large collection of CDs and albums, right?

And you’ve spent many a night, listening to album after album while studying those album and CD covers for inspiration of what the band was feeling like at the time the album was made.

You know, so you could really connect with the band, the same way that music was connecting with you.

The Art of the Album Cover
The Art of the Album Cover

But as you look at each album cover, with it’s carefully thought-out pose of the band or musician in a location specifically chosen for it’s mood and relationship to the album — you’ve wondered the same question everyone else has asked:


Because while every chainlink fence and back alley brick wall may all look the same to everyone, each specific location has its own story to tell.  And you can use POP SHOTS to help you identify all those iconic record album cover shots, and what they look like today.

Everything from The Who to Bruce Springsteen to Simon and Garfunkle are represented here.

So take a moment and flip through their archive, the same way you used to flip through the album racks at the local record story.  Let us know what you find out…