How many bras does the average woman own?

Pop quiz: How many bras does the average woman own?

An even better question is how many women own bras that they’ve never even worn?

With women lamenting the high cost of bras (well, good ones, at least), one would think that women would be more careful about ensuring that their underwear money… excuse us, lingerie money… goes to good use.

The answer comes from an online retailer who surveyed women about their bra-buying and wearing habits.


Olga Leopard Print Bra
Olga Leopard Print Bra

And we really shouldn’t be surprised by the results.


But half of those bras are never worn, mainly due to being the wrong size, unflattering, or ill-fitting.  Of all the women surveyed, half said that they even owned bras that they had never worn.  Ever.  

The survey continued:

  • 10% of women surveyed said that they didn’t know their actual bra size
  • 33% had never been properly measured for a proper-fitted bra
  • 25% said that at the time they were being surveyed, their bra didn’t fit quite right
  • 75% said that they’ve never tried on a bra before purchasing it

The men who read Web Watch are all probably wondering the same thing by this point, as they do some rough math in their head….

So if the average woman owns nine bras and really only wears about 4 of them on any regular basis – then HOW OFTEN ARE THOSE BRAS GETTING WASHED?

Would it surprise you to know that most women only wash their bras once every few weeks?    One Glamour magazine reader even said that they WASHED THEIR BRA JUST 5 TIMES IN 9 MONTHS.

The general consensus seems to be that women wash their bras about once every 3-to-5 wearings, as long as they’re not wearing the same bra every day.  For some women, that may equate to washing their bra once a week to once every two weeks.

Do you agree with the above survey results?