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Why women like wearing push-up bras

Men – do you really wonder WHY women like wearing push-up bras, beyond the fact that they choose to do so and you get a bit of benefit from it?

Would you believe that a good bra — and in particular, a push-up bra — leads to increased confidence?

1953 Gossard ad for Push Up Bras and other Undergarments
1953 Gossard ad for Push Up Bras and other Undergarments

Well, that there is a connection between bigger cleavage and increased confidence was the proof in the pudding of a STUDY by the UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER professor Geoff Beattie.

In the study of 60 women, commissioned by lingerie maker Gossard, they were asked to do different tasks while wearing a regular bra and then a push-up bra.  Specifically, the study analyzed three different subconscience activities that we all do:  smiling, eye contact, and hand movements. 

Women who were wearing push-up bras smiled 73% more often than when they didn’t.

Maintaining eye contact was seen 41% more often while wearing a push-up bra.

And doing nervous hand gestures decreased 64% while wearing a push-up bra.

In other words, women love having their cleavage, and they know that they when they look good and attractive to others, they can strike out with confidence and get what they want.  As the study concluded:  it proves for the first time that what a woman wears does positively affect her behavior