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The Sexting Habits of American Adults

Have you ever sexted? 

You know, sent a sexy text message to someone? 

Yes, “sexting” is all the rage these days, apparently.  Everyone from schoolkids to businessmen and government employees are sending naughty pictures of themselves with abandon, to everyone and anyone they know.

Web Watch has talked about how much money porn websites make, including those sites that are the beneficiary of randomly sent sexy text photos.


Caught Sexting
Caught Sexting

But when it comes to sexting in the real world, how prevelant is it, really?

Well, adult store ADAM & EVE decided to commision a study of 1000 people, specifically looking for the SEXTING HABITS OF AMERICANS, and you probably won’t be shocked at what they found:

  • 17% say that they have sent sexy text messages or nude photos with their phones
  • 57% have never sent a sexy message of any type
  • 25% have never even heard of the phrase “sexting” before

What about you?  Which category would you find yourself in?