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Today’s Fact: 40-50% of American Marriages End in Divorce

Guy's Guide to Getting Over a Divorce
Guy’s Guide to Getting Over a Divorce

Sometimes one needs to evaluate their personal relationships based on statistics around us in order to see whether we are above the norm or staying about average.

We all want to be in the top x% of whatever the good ranking is; nobody wants to be “average” or worse.  Unless the topic is one such as divorce, in which case the object is to NOT be in the normal range — especially when the range appears to lean towards divorce being the norm.

Sometimes you can’t help it – some marriages are destined to lead to divorce based on established criteria learned from hundreds of thousands of divorces before yours.  That’s what led economist Betsey Stevenson to create the DIVORCE CALCULATOR, a simple way to determine the likelihood of your relationship ending in a flurry of court-approved paperwork or not based on education level and financial stability.

But sometimes you don’t need a calculator to give you a percentage to aim for (or away from, depending on your desire to stay in or out of your current relationship).  Check out some of these PERCENTAGES OF PREDICTING A DIVORCE:

  • Married Americans get divorced between 40-50% of the time
  • Arguing about finances weekly is 30% more likely to end in divorce
  • If only one partner in the relationship is a smoker, that increases the odds of divorce to between 75%and 91%
  • “Below average” intelligence leads to divorce 50% more often than “above average” intelligence
  • Twins or triplets makes divorce 17% more likely