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Bad Computer Habits can Lead to Problems

Any problem can be screwed up more by computer
Any problem can be screwed up more by computer

A few years ago, one of Web Watch’s computer hard drives crashed.

We’re not just talking about a minor “ooh, we lost a boot sector” thing, where we could boot to a different drive and copy the files off.

No, we’re talking an extreme catastrophic event where we lost the entire drive. It was physically unable to spin up, making data recovery rather impossible on our own.  Luckily, we made a few phone calls and found a data recovery company that was able to rebuild the drive’s data and copy it to a new disc.

Needless to say, Web Watch has been rather diligent about drive backups for all our systems… just in case something like that happens again.  We hope it won’t.  It really shouldn’t.  But it might, and this time we’re significantly better prepared.

Which leads us to a Washington Post article on the TOP 25 WORST HIGH-TECH HABITS that most tech-minded folks are probably all doing at some point.  We’re going to list the worst habits here – you’re going to have to click through the link to see the suggested solutions on how to overcome them:

  1. Avoiding Security Software
  2. Failing to Back Up Your Computer
  3. Neglecting Offsite Backup
  4. Replying to Spam
  5. Traveling With an Operating Computer
  6. Using a Laptop on a Bed
  7. Printing Everything
  8. Taking a Camera to the Beach
  9. Leaving a Laptop in the Car
  10. Keeping All of Your E-Mail
  11. Failing to Learn Keyboard Shortcuts
  12. Installing Too Much Junk
  13. Discarding Receipts
  14. Waiting in Line for Tech Stuff
  15. Hitting Your Computer
  16. Saving Files Anywhere and Everywhere
  17. Checking in With Location-Based Services
  18. Citing Wikipedia
  19. Posting Hilarious Pictures Online
  20. Believing the Salesperson
  21. Ignoring the Specs
  22. Using One Password for Everything
  23. Not Having a Disposable E-Mail Address
  24. Failing to Lock Your Smartphone
  25. Commenting Online