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19 ways to save money, simply by changing your bad habits

The Thing About Money - Earn It, Save It, Spend It, Share It (Teaching Young People How to Make a Money Plan)
The Thing About Money – Earn It, Save It, Spend It, Share It (Teaching Young People How to Make a Money Plan)

We all like having money. Getting money. Spending money.

Sometimes it feels like saving money takes a bit of work.  It does, of course, but there are ways that you may be able to save some money just by changing some of your bad habits.  Here are 19 WAYS THAT YOUR LAZINESS IS COSTING YOU MONEY.Web Watch will even start you off with one that isn’t even on this list:  bringing your lunch to work instead of eating out every day.  We told you about this last year, how it was LESS EXPENSIVE TO EAT A DOUBLE-CHEESEBURGER AT HOME than it was to eat one at the local McDonald’s.  In the same vein, brew your own double-strength coffee at home instead of buying the $4 cup at Starbucks (feel free to use their beans if you must – in the end, home brewing will still be less expensive).

You get the picture – put forth a little bit of effort, and you can reward yourself with a little money in the bank.  Try to set a basic office lunch budget:  if you order out every day for a week, that can run you $30-$50 per week.  Start small, and cut that number in half — try to make 5 lunches from a $20 supermarket investment instead.  Make that happen, and you’ve just found yourself saving $10-$30 per week.

Just by not being lazy.

So that’s Web Watch’s freebie addition to this list of 19 items.  Here are some of those others that you should also try to do:

  • Free Offers That Expire – Pay attention to “Free Ice Cream Day” or other similar promotions.  Go eat out on your birthday for free!
  • eBay. Sell your crap.
  • Monthly Fees for Memberships that You Don’t Use – Do you belong to a gym but don’t go? Stop paying that monthly fee.  Banks, credit cards, utilities, or any number of those online games systems that you signed up for last summer have haven’t bothered with for a while. Cancel ’em all.
  • Credit Cards with Annual Fees – Why, when there are no-annual fee cards available?
  • Sunday paper coupons – You read the paper, so why toss out those coupons?  Aren’t you even watching EXTREME COUPONING on TLC?
  • Not thinking of other alternatives. Netflix costing you too much? Try RedBox.  Magazine subscriptions getting you down? Check your local library for a copy – chances are they have it.  Heck, libraries have free Internet access and let you check out DVDs and CDs too. Libraries can be great sources for free entertainment.

So read those other 13 ideas, get up off your ass, and start saving some damn money!