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20 Ways to Save a TON of Money (and survive living on a budget)

Living on a budget is one of those things that everybody should do at least once in their lives.

Clearly, college students have figured this out.  They know where all the cheap beer is, what bars do free food at happy hour, and how many weekend meals you can get out of a single large pizza delivered at 2a on a Friday night.

For college kids, frugality is necessity.

And then they get their first job out of college and a paycheck, and it all goes to hell, racking up tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt, never to be able to take a real vacation ever again.

The Frugal Life
The Frugal Life

But all that can change, if you follow THESE 20 STEPS TO LIVING LIKE A KING… for very little money.

Most of the following suggestions are relatively obvious — like “don’t pay for cable TV” and “don’t buy cigarettes”….  funny thing: is every smoker obligated to mooch cigarettes off any random person who has a pack in their hand?  A friend of ours purposefully smokes menthols, if only to avoid having to share his cigarettes with strangers.  Not exactly frugal, due to the smoking cost, but extremely practical as he gets to smoke his entire pack of cigarettes.

Let’s see, what else is on this ULTIMATE LIST OF FRUGALITY?

  • Ride a bike instead of driving
  • Don’t have children, they’re expensive
  • Drink alcohol at home, not out at bars or restaurants.
  • Avoid preventable expenses

And our favorite:  “Find work you love. If you can’t do that, then find a job where you love the people.”

Click through the link above to read all 20 money-saving recommendations.  Have something to add? Leave it in the comments below…