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25 Ways to Tell that You’re Living in a Bubble

The other day, Web Watch was talking with an Internet-savvy friend of ours about the cool stuff we see online, and they surprised us by not knowing anything about the latest smartphone gaming craze, DRAW SOMETHING.

Seriously?  The game has been out for over 2 months now, been all over the news.  And while we haven’t explicitly mentioned it here, we figured that many of our faithful Web Watch readers had already installed it over their copy of Angry Birds.

What it really showed us was that our friend was living in their own little bubble world that they had created, to isolate themselves from the ‘net fluffernutter so they could concentrate on the really good stuff.

You know, kinda like what we do here every day at Web Watch.

Bubble Boy
Bubble Boy

Don’t let this happen to you.  Living in a snobby cloistered bubble, isolated from the world-at-large, doesn’t make the mind healthy and wise.

Sometimes the brain craves a little junk food.

So PBS asked 25 questions to help you figure out IF YOU WERE LIVING IN A BUBBLE OR NOTSome of the questions were rather interesting:

  • Have you ever lived in a neighborhood where the majority of your neighbors did not have college degrees?
  • Did you grow up in a family where the main breadwinner wasn’t white collar?
  • Have you ever walked on a factory floor?
  • Has your job ever hurt you?
  • Have you hung out with cigarette smokers?
  • Have you ever purchased Avon products?
  • Have you ever bought a pickup truck?
  • Have you ever eaten at Applebee’s?  Denny’s?  Ponderosa?
  • Do you watch Judge Judy?

You’ll have to take the test to see how much of a cultural bubble (and what level of social class) your answers say that you belong to.   For some of you, you may be surprised that your bubble is still pretty darn thick.