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Do you own a pair of POWER PANTIES?

Heading into a big meeting at the office, maybe to ask for a raise or to make a presentation in front of senior management — what is the one thing you do to boost your confidence and build yourself up before you head into the room?

Confessions Of A Panty Seller: How To Turn Your Used Panties Into Real Money
Confessions Of A Panty Seller:
How To Turn Your Used Panties Into Real Money

Some make sure that they go out and get a haircut the day before the big meeting, just to make sure that they look professional.

Many men — Donald Trump is a great example of this — will wear a POWER TIE.  Others will wear their POWER SUIT or a special watch.  Using a sentimental pen is always a nice touch.

If you think about it, all these things are merely crutches, like having a security blanket or taking a special stuffed toy with you to college.  Something to comfort you as you face what could be a relatively stressful experience.

But if men have POWER TIES, what do women have that can work the same magic?  If you’re to BELIEVE THIS FEMALE-CENTERED CAREER ADVICE, the answer for many women is to wear a pair of RED PANTIES, aka POWER PANTIES.

They do say that men could also wear red underpants, but the article is really aimed at women.

Why red?

It’s because of the alleged Feng Shui of the color red bringing luck, confidence, and prosperity to those around it.

Hey, it can’t hurt, right?  How may pairs of red underwear do YOU wear to work on a regular basis?  Have you noticed a difference on RED days vs other color days?  Let us know in the comments below.