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Wearing high heels can save you money

Web Watch has told you about a friend of ours who cancelled a vacation in order to buy a pair of shoes.

For her, the shoe purchase was a much better use of that discretionary money than travel was.  And that’s okay – everyone has choices to make, and she was okay with this one.

But what if we were to tell you that this may have been a wise budgetary move, but not for the reasons you think?

Sam Edelman Women's Tegan Wedge Pump
Sam Edelman Women’s Tegan Wedge Pump

Researchers at Brigham Young University conducted a study and concluded that HIGH HEELS CAN INFLUENCE PURCHASING DECISIONS.

More specifically, that the act of wearing high heels and forcing your body to concentrate on maintaining proper balance can lead to more practical purchases than when the same person was standing on steady ground or in more sensible footware.

What they found was that those people who were wearing high heels would avoid purchasing items that cost at the extreme high end or extreme low end of the option spectrum.  High heels, in other words, helped save the wearer money as they were shopping for other things.

Question still outstanding is whether this same philosophy would work on men or not.  Any volunteers to try?