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What’s the best way to tie your shoes?

It’s quite possible, after all these years, that you’ve been tying your shoes all wrong.

Would you believe that it’s taken a mathematician — one who wears lace-free Birkenstocks — to figure out what the BEST WAY TO TIE YOUR SHOELACES happens to be? Let’s take a look:

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Why are sneakers on power lines?

You’ve driven down some streets around town and noticed the same thing Web Watch has – random pairs of tennis shoes, tied together, and hanging from power lines above your head.

You’ve wondered why they’re there, perhaps due to some school bullying or kid prank?

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Wearing high heels can save you money

Web Watch has told you about a friend of ours who cancelled a vacation in order to buy a pair of shoes.

For her, the shoe purchase was a much better use of that discretionary money than travel was.  And that’s okay – everyone has choices to make, and she was okay with this one.

But what if we were to tell you that this may have been a wise budgetary move, but not for the reasons you think?

Sam Edelman Women's Tegan Wedge Pump
Sam Edelman Women’s Tegan Wedge Pump

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Flip-Flops are “underwear for your feet”

How many pairs of flip flops do you own?

If you’re anything like some Web Watch friends, flip flops are all you wear.  You have your fancy flip flops, your office flip flops, your hanging out around town flip flops, your after-exercise flip flops, your going to the pool flip flops.

Remember when Web Watch told you that you should NEVER WEAR FLIP FLOPS AT THE OFFICE?

Apparenly, some of you need another reminder…


Womens Fashion Wedge Sandals Thongs Flip Flops
Womens Fashion Wedge Sandals Thongs Flip Flops


How your shoes can predict your personality

They say that “shoes make the man”.

Women often say that the first thing they notice about a potential date is their shoes.

Men often pay attention to women who wear FMPs.

Yes, shoes are an integral part of who we are, and what defines us.

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How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Cruel Shoes
Cruel Shoes

Steve Martin said it many years ago in his book of essays, Cruel Shoes.

Women love shoes.  Even shoes that are so awful that they mangle their feet.


Fashion Police Rule #18: Do not wear flip-flops at work (unless you work at the pool)

Flip Flop
The Flip Flop

Every day, you hear them.

Clippity, cloppity.  Flippity, floppity.

The sound of rubber slapping against the heel of one of your co-workers who feel that flip-flops are perfectly acceptable office wear.

“But we work in a casual office,” they exclaim.  “Joe in Accounting wears shorts every Friday,” they plead. 

Yes, Joe may wear shorts every Friday, but they’re nice shorts paired with a collared shirt and a pair of casual loafers.  He’s dressed to hang out near the beach…not on it.