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The 10 Worst Job Uniforms for All Time

Some offices let their workers enjoy “casual Fridays”, where employees can trade in their khakis and button-down shirts for Levis and polo shirts.

Web Watch knows of one company where they require the staff to wear suits to work once a month (every other day is a “business casual” environment).

And don’t get Web Watch started on those companies we’ve visited where some women feel that flip-flops are appropriate for the office.  We already know that shouldn’t be allowed, no matter what organization you’re in.

The Hooters Cookbook
The Hooters Cookbook

But all those employees shouldn’t complain, as they aren’t forced to wear a specific uniform as part of their job function.   In some businesses, the uniform does serve a practical purpose. In others, it helps identify who the employees are from the customers.

But some jobs may want to reconsider the outfits that they require their employees to wear – as some as really bordering on the ridiculous.

Here’s a list of the TOP TEN MOST OUTLANDISH UNIFORMS that any self-respecting, hard-working person may want to consider as a job detriment:

  • Swiss Guard
  • Hooters waitress
  • Anything that requires the wearing of a “Food Mascot” outfit
  • Cyclist
  • Mormon missionary
  • Post Office employees
  • Baseball managers (although Web Watch would love to see the team manager/coach in all sports have to dress in the same uniform the players wear, just to see how it would play on TV later…)
  • Fast-food employees
  • Referees
  • Doormen