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What’s a BOC? If it’s from WOOT, it’s either a Bucket of Chum or Basket of Candles!

Well, another one has finally arrived.

The WOOT.COM BOC (affectionately known as a “Bag of Crap”, or any other acronym that contains the letters “B.O.C.”) is here.

As Web Watch previously told you about when we ordered our WOOT BANDOLIER OF CARROTS, WOOT.COM occasionally offers grab bags of assorted merchandise for $3 (plus $5 shipping and handling).  When you place your order, you have no idea what you’re going to get.

Just like the TV show LET’S MAKE A DEAL, sometimes you’ll end up with the most awesome prize ever, or you might get zonked.

Let’s take a look at what Web Watch hauled in this time around for our $8 investment:

WOOT Bag of Crap
WOOT Bag of Crap

BUCKET OF CHUM or BASKET OF CANDLES or BARREL OF CROPS usually contains a bag of some sort (hence living up to the “Bag of Crap” nomenclature.

Some WOOT.COM customers just get a paper bag with the WOOT.COM logo on it.  Today, Web Watch’s BOC contained a lime-green re-usable grocery bag with a purple flower design.  Not exactly our style, but certainly something that has some practical purpose.

The winner in the Bag of Crap was the red leather Kindle case. And since WOOT is owned by Amazon, it certainly will encourage us to buy a Kindle just to be able to use the Kindle case from our Bunnies Ogling Carrots shipment.

The other items in the BOC were:

  • A 2012 WOOT.COM calendar
  • A micro-sized digital camera.  Sure, it sits on your keychain and is powered by a AA battery.  We’ll find some use for it, we’re sure.
  • Two 4-packs of Sanyo-brand AA batteries.
  • One ordinary blue T-shirt, size L

All in all, not a bad haul for our $8 investment.

Did you get your own Bag of Crap this month?  If so, what did YOU get?