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Just in time for Mother’s Day: the HUG-E-GRAM


Are you tired of trying to find your mother that perfect Mother’s Day gift? 

Aren’t you sick and tired of always sending her the same old flowers and singing telegrams, thanking her for being your mother for all these years?

Why not send your mother what she really wants to have from you:  A BIG GIANT HUG. The HUG “E-GRAM” is a set of stuffed arms that the recipient (your mom!) can wrap around themselves tightly, as if they were in the Best Hug In The World.  Even better, they come in black, red, and salmon colors!

Imagine your mother or other loved one, sitting on the sofa with these fake arms draped around them, sending ocean waves of love and affection all over.

Let’s be sure to read the fine print together, shall we?

  • A Hug-E-Gram lets you give your hug to someone when you can’t be there
  • It is the hug that lasts.
  • You will understand how very special the moment can be as the love and sentiment from you comes through.
  • After you order, you may record a personalized audio message that will arrive with your Hug-E-Gram. You must follow the information given to you to record your message. If you do not record a message, our system will use our Hug-A-Round song
  • Hug-E-Grams are one-size-fits-all, but are not for children under 12.
  • Hug-E-Grams are hand-wash only

While HUG-E-GRAMS are good, they’re no replacement for MY THERAPY BUDDY.  The two serve two completely different audiences.