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“Perky Panties” – If you believe the marketing, It’s What Every Woman Needs

Perky Panties Pheremone Wash
Perky Panties Pheremone Wash

Web Watch had some interesting inventions the other day, and here’s one more for you:

Enterprising inventors have determined that women’s panties need a little something extra added to them — aside from the fact that your average underwear contains 1/10 of a gram of poop, as Web Watch pointed out earlier.  

Yes, that’s right.  Women need PERKY PANTIES.

Perky Panties is “Woolite with an attitude”.  It’s a pheremone-enhanced hand-wash laundy rinse for a lady’s delicate underthings.  Because anything that can add some extra sex appeal has to be good, right?  

Web Watch doesn’t know if the whole pheremone-in-the-underwear thing really works or not, but even if Perky Panties is a placebo – anything that can lend a bit of a confidence boost to the wearer by making them believe that their underwear is giving them a little something extra for a night out on the town is providing the exact same benefit as an actual pheremone product would.  A confident woman will naturally draw attention to herself, just like panties that smell like pheremones would do.

**(A correction.  Let’s change that last sentence to read “…panties that are scented with pheremones would do”.   We’ll try to remember for the future that “smell” doesn’t always have the best connotation.  We’re sorry for the misunderstanding.)**

And because Web Watch is here to help you – while you can buy Perky Panties at Amazon, you can also buy Perky Panties at SHOP IN PRIVATE, a discrete online shopping destination that specializes in selling products of a more… sensitive… nature.

SHOP IN PRIVATE sells items in the following categories:

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They really have it all.  From HELLO KITTY “toys” (in pink or black) to tissue boxes with hidden compartments for specialty items, to Journey’s Greatest Hits (“sing along to your favorite cheesy ballads”) or the Flat-D Fart Filter – SHOP IN PRIVATE really does have it all.