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Be an adult – don’t touch a pregnant woman

Are you an adult?

If you were, then you would already know that there are certain responsibilities that you have now that you didn’t have when you were growing up.

Responsibilities such as how to act when you’re around pregnant women.

I'm Pregnant
I’m Pregnant…

Because if you didn’t already know, just as a matter of common courtesy, here’s one piece of handy advice: YOU SHOULD NEVER PAT A PREGNANT WOMAN’S BELLY.

At least, not without her consent.

And certainly – as Web Watch can attest having seen this actually happen – not to a woman who is definitely NOT pregnant.  She definitely won’t be very happy with you afterwards.

Some other helpful tips on how to act around a pregnant woman:

  • Don’t ask if it was planned
  • Don’t ask if they’re keeping the baby

We know!  Any reasonable adult would already know these things.

But if that were the case, then we wouldn’t need websites like ADULTING: HOW TO BECOME A GROWNUP IN 387 EASY STEPS.

Along with the handy pregnancy tips above, you’ll learn about the types of things you should keep in your medicine cabinet, why you should have a better filing system than just scraps of paper tucked away in a book, and even how to properly plan for your weekly meals.

So go on – be an adult.  You deserve it.  WE deserve it.