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Adopting? Try a “pregnancy” photo gallery

Deluxe Belly Cast & Bold Decorating Kit

Deluxe Belly Cast & Bold Decorating Kit

Everywhere you look there are pictures of smug pregnant women.

Women who are thrilled with being pregnant, proud to show off their baby-oven – whether it be with belly casts or pumpkin paint.

And there’s nothing wrong with this.  Many articles have been written about how some women become more beautiful to their spouses when they’re pregnant.  How pregnancy only enhances her looks as she changes from “woman” to “mother”.

But there shouldn’t be a double-standard on this.

Because some women would love to have those special pregnancy photo galleries taken.  To pose half-naked like Demi Moore did on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine, proud of one’s upcoming birthing experience.

But they can’t, for whatever reason.  They are parents who decide to adopt a baby, but still want to go through the whole “being a parent” process that biological parents get to do.

And there’s no reason why they shouldn’t.

Which is why some adoptive parents have elected to make their own photo albums, adding a bit of creativity to the mix.

Xander and Alana have substituted a beach ball in their photoset.

Oh, it’s not without some controversy, even if the photos linked above were done with humorous intent.  One writer, who is an adoptive parent herself, says that even though photos like these may make adoptive parents feel as if they’re participating in the pregnancy experience… they’re still not going through that full experience themselves.

So how do you feel about these artistic pregnancy photos?  Worth the time and effort to memorialize the moment in time?  Or tacky and awkward for all involved?