New census form has three checkboxes for “sex”

It's PAT

There’s the old joke that too many people think is funny when the census form comes around every few years:  “Sex”?

And Mr Jokey-Pants will not want to answer “Male” or “Female”, but rather “Yes” or “Last Night”.

Ha ha?  Not so much.

But that’s not stopping the census takers in Nepal from deciding to really for-real add a third option to the census form beyond the traditional “Male” and “Female” options.

They’ve decided to add “Nepalese” as a third gender option.

They’re doing this as a way to appease that country’s large number of gay and transgender people the ability to identify themselves in any manner that they feel is appropriate for their own personal life — now, even if that choice is not clearly defined in the traditional “male” or “female” gender types.

Nepal is still working towards approving same-sex marriages and other LGBT-centric policies, but adding a third gender choice to the census is, they feel, a step in that direction