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Who pays for your date? May not be who you think does anymore

When was the last time that you went on a date?

More importantly, who paid for the date?

If you were on a typical, traditional date – then chances are the man picked up the tab.  But this traditional gender role seems to be changing as time moves on.

Mars and Venus on a Date
Mars and Venus on a Date

At least, that’s what CHAPMAN UNIVERSITY RESEARCHERS found out when they published a report entitled “Who Pays for Dates? Following versus Challenging Conventional Gender Norms.”

What they found during this study were that during the dating cycle, men traditionally do still pick up the tab and other dating expenses.

57% of women said that they offered to help pay (or at least claimed they did so in the survey).  39% of women said that even if they did offer to help pay, they secretly hoped that their date wouldn’t take them up on the offer.

What about when men ask their date to chip in a little bit?  44% of women didn’t care for that at all.

But women should step up their financial dating contributions a little bit, if you were to believe the men’s responses:

  • 44% of men said that they would stop dating a woman who never bothered to pay for any aspect of their dating

But on the other hand, 76% of men said that while they would take a woman’s money to pay for a date, they’d still feel a little bit guilty about it.

But that’s all when you’re looking at the casual dating situation.  Let’s move on to when the dating has turned a bit more serious and long-term.  Around 3/4 of all surveyed (both men and women) were sharing dating expenses after six months of dating.

What’s your take?  Web Watch hears that women are stepping up their dating obligations, and usually start kicking in some date expense handling by the third or fifth date — at the very least, to show that they can be independent and not act like they’re taking advantage of their guy and situation.   So when should their be a more 50/50 split on dating expenses?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below…