Survey shows that women expect men to pay for dates

One would think that today’s dating scene should be a bit different from how it was back in the day. Times change, people change, philosophies on what is culturally acceptable change all the time.

Wearing sneakers out to a fancy dinner? Never used to do it, but now we do it all the time.   Dress up for airplane travel?  Not anymore – tank tops on hairy men are all the rage at the airport these days.

First Date Tips For Men: The Complete Dating Psychology Guide For Men
First Date Tips For Men:
The Complete Dating Psychology Guide For Men

So does the same hold true for dating?  Especially first dates?

Well…. maybe things haven’t changed much after all.

A recent SURVEY BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS has come out that says that while it’s “unacceptable for one’s date to pay for everything…” they still say that it’s the man’s job to pay for the first date.

What other things were said about QUALITIES LOOKED FOR IN A FIRST DATE?

Personality is always important, and money not as much.  Men seem to look for humor rather than intelligence in their potential dates.  Women look at career aspirations and future earning potential in theirs.

With regards to money, 71% of women were fine with the traditional stereotype of their male date earning more than themselves.  Only 59% of men said they didn’t mind if their female date earner more than they did.

If the salary difference were extremely wide, then men seemed to overlook it more than women did.  43% of men said they were fine if their date earned a significantly lower salaray compared to 28% of women.

So here’s the question for you:  when you’re dating someone, and aren’t quite in that long-term relationship level yet… when is it appropriate to start talking about money and finances, retirement future, etc?  For some, they don’t like to talk about money even after the relationship has gone on for years.  Others are fine talking about money right away.

How about you?  How do you feel about whether money should be talked about on the first date?