Survey shows SLIM-FAST is a better diet than NUTRISYSTEM

We’re always on some sort of diet.  You may be on a diet and not know it (check with your significant other if unsure).

For some, it’s just a question of eating less, eating healthier, eating in more instead of eating out.  Packing a lunch for school or work, bypassing desserts, cutting out alcohol for Lent…. no matter how you do it, there’s always some sort of decison making that goes along with your meal plan of choice.

SlimFast Ready To Drink Shakes
SlimFast Ready To Drink Shakes

As for official “diets”, some diets are definitely higher quality for you in terms of meeting your individual needs.

So US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT this week released their list of the BEST DIETS OVERALL, based on various criteria including whether the diet was nutritious, easy to follow, was safe and effective in its target audience.

According to their survey of 32 different diet plans, the absolute BEST diet to follow is the DASH DIET.

The absolute WORST diet to follow is the PALEO DIET, you know – eat like a caveman.

Where did some of the more commonly-known diet plans fall on their list of 32?

  • Weight Watchers was tied for #3
  • Jenny Craig was #8
  • Going vegetarian ranked #11
  • SLIM-FAST came in at #13
  • Nutrisystem came in tied at #16
  • South Beach tied at #18 on the list.  Also at #18 on the list?  Becoming a vegan
  • Atkins was ranked #29.

So in terms of being a healthy-for-you diet, the meat and protein-heavy Atkins diet was outranked by veganism.   Somebody is going to have a cow over that, don’t you think?