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10 Reasons to Date a Unicorn. 9 Reasons not to Date a Dinosaur.

Pink Unicorn
Pink Unicorn

Some people have a fascination with unicorns. Nay, a unicorn fetish.  (Get it? “Nay”? Ha!)

Do they really exist?  Perhaps.  For now, let’s imagine that they do.

Now, Web Watch doesn’t want to get into the whole debate regarding former Arizona congressman J.D. Hayworth’s comments about GAY MARRIAGE LEADING TO PEOPLE MARRYING THEIR HORSE, but the comment was funny enough that it got us thinking — especially when there are books devoted to the subject of man-horse marriages, such as DUMP HIM, MARRY THE HORSE: WHY A HORSE IS A BETTER MATCH THAN A MAN

If horses are okay to marry, then why not unicorns?  Marrying a unicorn would be awesome, right?

With that, Web Watch has found this list of 10 REASONS WHY IT WOULD RULE TO DATE A UNICORN.

  1. They fart glitter
  2. Better TV reception
  3. Easily disguisable as a rhino (to avoid suspicion)
  4. They’re good for exercise
  5. When you eat their feces, it prolongs your life
  6. They can turn mosquitos into Skittles and jelly beans
  7. They make OK parachutes
  8. Rainbows on demand
  9. Free sleigh rides
  10. Tetherball

Needless to say, we learned a lot about a unicorn’s special secret powers with that list.  But because Web Watch likes to offer both sides of the discussion, here are 9 REASONS NOT TO MARRY A TYRANNOSAURUS REX:

  1. Tiresome dinner suggestions
  2. You can’t hold hands
  3. Couples photos never turn out very well
  4. Tokyo vacations out OUT
  5. T-Rex always wins best costume at Halloween parties
  6. Picnics are OUT
  7. Stargazing is OUT
  8. Surprise birthday parties are always terrible
  9. Communicating feelings can be difficult

We’ll admit – the list is much funnier when viewed with the associated graphics.  So click those links and pop over – you’ll be dating a unicorn in no time.