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Reasons why you’re still not married

Funny wedding cake topper
Funny Wedding Cake Topper

If you’re one of these people who are perpetually dating someone – anyone – but still haven’t found The One to get married to, this post is for you.

We all know these forever-single people.  They’re always the fun, party people, but never seem to be able to keep a steady date long enough to get engaged, let alone married.

Well, maybe you need to read TRACY McMILLAN’s “WHY YOU’RE NOT MARRIED” piece in the Huffington Post.

She’s broken her analysis down into six quick and easy reasons that explain exactly why you’re not marriage material — and quite frankly, these are probably things that all your friends know/think but like you too much to tell you to your face.

  1. You’re a bitch
  2. You’re shallow
  3. You’re a slut
  4. You’re a liar
  5. You’re selfish
  6. You’re not good enough

Web Watch isn’t going to point out the counterpoint piece to this, where someone added 10 additional reasons you’re not married, even though some of them (one about you farting too much) may have some basis in fact.

All we can say is that if you really are looking to meet the spouse of your dreams and get married – you will. But sooner or later, if you don’t take a step back and re-evaluate yourself on Tracy’s points or others that your friends bring up if you get them drunk and tell them to be honest… that dating pool is done going to dry up.

And when that happens, you’re going to be one dried out, smelly fish dying in the mud of the former pond.

And nobody wants that.