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TheChive – a Photo Blog

By now, we’ve all taken the time to troll through Flickr or PhotoBucket to see what types of photos people have uploaded to their accounts.  These sites have turned online voyeurism into more of a hobby than it has been already.

But going through those sites can be a little too much work.  Don’t you wish there was a place that went through all those photo sites for you, found all the interesting photos, and lumped them all into various categories – all to save you the time of doing it yourself?  Well, then you need to check out TheCHIVE, A PHOTO BLOG.

Started by John and Leo Resig,  TheChive is to photos what The Onion is to news – taking what’s already out there, twisting it around, and making it funny. 

Have you seen some of these photos they feature before?  Sure you have.  Are a lot of ’em badly Photoshopped?  Definitely.   Will they make you laugh?  That’s the goal.

Some of the galleries that they have compiled include: