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More Disney Princess Cosplay at Comic-Con

For the past few years, Web Watch has pointed out the sheer joy that SOME DISNEY PRINCESS FANS get by dressing up as their FAVORITE DISNEY PRINCESS character at the annual ComicCon convention in San Diego.

Oh yeah, and did we mention that they were dressed as their favorite SEXY DISNEY PRINCESS?

Thought we’d point that out.

Princess Arial costume for AdultsPrincess Arial costume for Adults

Well, this year, it was an entire coven (?) of Disney costumed fans that got together to put a little twist on being the Sexy Disney Princess clan.

They got together and decided to be SEXY DISNEY PRINCESS SUPERHEROES.

Disney Princess Cosplay at 2012 Comic-con
Disney Princess Cosplay at 2012 Comic-con by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography

The above photo is just a sample of the Disney Princess images captured by EUROBEAT KASUMI PHOTOGRAPHY, a photographer who specializes in taking cosplay photos at various fantasy and comic conventions – you’ll want to check out the entire gallery to see some more up-close photos that really showcase these cosplay fans’ attention to detail.

So here’s the question for the day:  when should an adult draw the line at dressing up as a children’s cartoon character?  It’s one thing to dress up as the original character, as a homage.  But another to tweak convention and turn the character into something that they’re not.  “Sexy Disney Princess”, to some, seems inappropriate.  To others, it’s a natural extension of the characters, allowing adults to continue to enjoy the stories that they grew up with and see those characters in a completely new light.

What do you think?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below…