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Deconstruction of the Disney Princess, or Rules for becoming a Disney Princess yourself

Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings by David Tutera

There have been any number of sociological reports written about how the Disney Princess marketing department — and let’s face it, the Disney Princess franchise really is a marketer’s dream in terms of how much product is sold — is leading to poor self-image in young girls.

Web Watch won’t harp on these particular topics.

We will, however, point out the following:  What Disney Princesses Teach Women about Attracting a Man

  • Belle, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty: can only be saved with a kiss.  It’s always about sex. 
  • Aladdin’s Jasmine: You only become worth having if you’re marriage material
  • Cinderella: the only reason the Prince noticed her was because of her beauty.  Not because she was smart, or worked hard.
  • Ariel:  Running away from home?  Check. Changing your physical appearance?  Check.  Giving up the only thing you’re good at to acquire a man?  Check.

That being said, here’s What Disney Princes Teach Men about Attracting Women:

  • Cinderella’s Prince Charming:  Try a little charm, wealth, and fame.
  • Sleeping Beauty’s Prince Philip: Strangers want you to make out with them while they sleep
  • The Little Mermaid’s Prince Eric: Women have nothing important to say
  • The Prince from Snow White: Necrophilia is a good dating strategy
  • Aladdin: Just lie, it’ll totally work
  • Beast: Stockholm Syndrome
  • …and of course, be handsome, famous, and rich

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