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What if Disney Princesses were tattooed and pierced?

Disney Princess Tattoos
Disney Princess Tattoos

Disney Princesses have inspired many fantasies, for girls and boys alike.

Girls, because they want to be just as glamorous, rich, desired… and more recently, smart and self-sufficient.   

Web Watch has covered the Disney Princess phenomenon in the past, from both a business and a fantasy viewpoint (Briana Garcia and her Funny Disney Princesses being a popular page here on Web Watch).

So why do boys like the Disney Princesses?  Because let’s face it — in the right circumstance, Disney Princesses can be hot.  Heck, how can you explain why seven dwarves fought over Snow White?

So that brings us to today’s website — PRINCESSES GONE WILD.

What the author does is take your standard Disney Princess image, then doctors it up in Photoshop to “modernize” the Princess for today’s age.

Ariel Gone Wild
Ariel Gone Wild

A little tramp stamp here, a tribal arm tattoo there. Maybe some blue dye in the hair?  A facial piercing or two, and maybe some more stylish punk-rock band shoutouts.

Yeah, it’s what you would expect today’s Princess to be, if you saw them wandering around at a concert or at the mall. 

So while Web Watch can’t see Alice being a Metallica fan, a lot of the other Disney Princess Photoshops posted here do seem to work.

Want to help run the blog or provide your own images?  Then you can submit your own punk Disney Princess design for review.  All you need to do is take a Disney Princess screenshot, and modify the hair and shirt, as well as add at least one piercing and two tattoos (because, at least one piercing and two tattoos is what differentiates today’s Princess from one that has “gone wild”.  Send that to the blog author, and see how it goes from there.