Funny News

It’s true! Men really ARE stupider than women!

It’s an old TV sitcom trope, that the family is headed up by a smart mother and a doofus dad who always does doofus things.

While TV writers do this for laughs, maybe their main purpose of this isn’t really because it’s funny if dad is an idiot – maybe TV is just a reflection on life itself.

That men are stupider than their wives is the outcome of a STUDY OF OVER 20 YEARS OF DARWIN AWARD STORIES, where men are shown to be statistically stupider than the women around them.

We won’t explain what the DARWIN AWARDS are here, but you know all the stories over the years.  But let’s take a look at the statistics:

  • In the 20 years of the study, there were 332 items reported
  • 14 were eliminated because they happened to couples.
  • Of the remaining 318 DARWIN AWARD WINNERS, a whopping 88.7% of the Darwin Award recipients were men.

It could be that men are more prone to saying, “Hey everybody, watch this!” vs women. We’d like to believe that there is truth in advertising: you’ll never see a woman wear an “I’m with Stupid” t-shirt, with the arrow pointing up, would you?