At What Age are Women the Happiest?

Researchers have determined that WOMEN ARE MOST HAPPY WITH THEIR LOVE LIFE AND BODY IMAGE AT 28 years of age, all based on a study by Clairol Perfect 10, which surveyed 4,000 women.

The researchers concluded that once women hit 30, they start to worry about their grey hair and wrinkles.

At 28, all things seem to be clicking for women.  Best hair, best body, best job, best relationships, best friends.

The survey asked women aged 25-65 what age they were when they felt most content in 12 areas.  

In careers, women were happiest at age 29.  Relationships kicked in at 30, but the best sex was had at 28.

Best financial shape was at 33, and best home and family life was at 32. 

The study went further than just age happiness.  The study showed that women do spend an inordinate amount of time getting ready in the morning: an average 22 minutes a day (which works out to over 5 days a year).