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Study: Women suppress the sexuality of other women

Leave it to Cleavage
Leave it to Cleavage

It’s true – it’s all about the boobs.

We’ve all seen it, how catty women can get about other women’s appearances?

It’s not just because there’s a superior sense of fashion going on here, women really do have reason to hate other women — and it really does come down to boobs and cleavage.

In a recent study published in the JOURNAL OF AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOUR, women were observed as they COMMENTED ON THE SEXUALITY OF OTHER WOMEN.

In the study, some women were observed while they saw a sexy, provocatively-dressed woman come into the room to assist in the study.  Other women were observed while they say the exact same sexy woman come into the room in a more conservative outfit.

During the former situation, those women would disparagingly comment on the sexiness of the researcher or on her clothing choices.  During the latter situation, those women wouldn’t even notice the researcher who entered the room.  Those former women were rated as being highly aggressive towards women.  Also, that they wouldn’t introduce the sexily-dressed woman to their husbands or boyfriends, sensing that there would be some rivalry involved.

The study concluded that women are threatened by other women who like to flaunt their stuff.   Women see sexy counterparts as rivals, and need to react against them aggressively.