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How to predict winning lottery numbers

“How to predict winning lottery numbers?”  Let’s be a bit more specific — today we’re going to talk about why it really doesn’t matter what lottery numbers you pick.


Look – winning the lottery is one of those one-in-a-billion opportunities.  Sure, someone somewhere is going to hit the Powerball or Megamillions jackpots – but they’re definitely not going to be able to tell you how they did it.

But lottery fever is going to take over your family, your office. Everyone is going to want you to pitch in your dollar for a chance at the multi-million dollar prize.

The question is, should you?

WIN ANY LOTTERY! From Power Ball, Mega Millions & Fantasy 5 To Big 4, Pic 3 & The Daily Numbers!
WIN ANY LOTTERY! From Power Ball, Mega Millions & Fantasy 5 To Big 4, Pic 3 & The Daily Numbers!

Whether you do or not – let’s get into the mathematics of the whole thing.

It’s a crapshoot.  You have no control over whether you win or not.  There’s no such thing as a number that’s “due to hit”.  Balls don’t remember the last time they were chosen.

Past results are no guarantee of future reward.

What you need to do is pop over to the POWERBALL SIMULATOR and run through a few sessions yourself, just to see how much money you’ll lose over the course of time.

All they assume is that you’re going to by 2 tickets a week for an entire year.  It’s a $208 investment for each year.  Guess how well you’re going to do?

Web Watch played the Quick Pick for a few one year scenarios.  Our $208 investment brought in the following results:

  • $27 won, $-181 lost
  • $8 won, $-200 lost
  • $108 won, $-100 lost
  • $16 won, $-192 lost
  • $12 won, $-196 lost

Hey, these figures mimic our actual win/loss figures over the course of the past few years.

But what this does is show you how much money you can burn through while chasing that dream.

Instead of one year intervals, let’s try a five-year run — that’s $1040 spent for each scenario:

  • $89 won
  • $156 won
  • $77 won

But what about the top prizes?  If we just played 2 tickets a week forever, how long would it take to win one of the big lottery prizes using the simulator?

To be honest, we stopped running it after 6000 simulated lottery drawings (which took us almost 58 years of our life).  We spent $12,000 on those lottery tickets, and only won $836.  The programmer behind the simulator says that if you left the program running continuously, you may hit a jackpot once every 20 days or so.

That’s not a lot of lettuce, folks.  You’d be better off just sending Web Watch your money and asking us to take it on our next Las Vegas outing for you instead of handing it over to the government with their so-called Lottery program.