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The dirtiest item in your hotel room is not the TV remote control

Web Watch has told you about DIRTY HOTEL ROOMS before.

And you all know people who travel with a Ziploc bag in their luggage, specifically to use with the TV remote control, as Web Watch has mentioned that the TV remote in a hotel room is pretty much germ central.

But it ends up that the hotel room TV remote is NOT the dirtiest item in your dirty hotel room.

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101 Dirty Hot Hotel Stories

According to the AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR MICROBIOLOGY, there are four areas of your hotel room that are the dirtiest dirty of all.  Here they are in descending order:

  • main light switch
  • TV remote control
  • Bedside lamp switch
  • Telephone keypad

But even worse is that the highest levels of germs, bacteria, and fecal matter were not necessarily found in the rooms.  They found high concentrations on the housekeepers’ cleaning carts — including the very same sponges and mops that they use to (allegedly) “clean” your room.

That’s right — blame the housekeeping staff for spreading fecal matter from room to room to room.

Want the good news?  There are a few areas of the room that you should be able to touch without encountering as many germs as elsewhere:

  • the headboard
  • curtain rods
  • and oddly, the bathroom door handle

Web Watch knows one person who does travel with their own toilet paper, so a bit of Lysol spray isn’t out of the realm of possibilities. Are you one of those Frequent Travelers who bring their own cleaning supplies on vacation to ensure that the hotel room is cleaner when you leave than when you arrived?