Video Fun: You know who likes big butts? Every actor, in every movie, ever.

You know what it takes to make a good music video parody?

Sometimes, it just takes about 250 different movie clips, a keen ear for details, and a few hours (days?) with a sophisicated video editor and a backing audio track.

Baby Got Back, by Jonathan Coulton
Baby Got Back, by Jonathan Coulton

When you do all that, you get this mash-up of SIRR MIXX-A-LOT’s BABY GOT BACK, a classic song that was just screaming for this type of video tribute.

The same treatment was done for Journey’s DON’T STOP BELIEVING, but as others have pointed out — a slower song just doesn’t do the editing justice.

So here’s a game for you to play at home: come up with a word, and see how many different movie lines you can quote that contain that word. It’s like that Song Lyric game Web Watch told you about ages ago, but for movies. It’s a bit more difficult to play, but movie nerds will love the opportunity to show off their stuff.