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How dirty is your hotel room?

A few years ago, Web Watch was visiting Las Vegas with some friends.  As is the case when traveling with a large group of people – especially in Vegas – we all found ourselves staying in different hotels.

And as is the case with different Las Vegas hotels, cleanliness standards can be a bit different from hotel to hotel, company to company.

So while Web Watch was enjoying our crisp, clean sheets, one member of our brigade found herself being transferred from one dirty hotel room to another until she ultimately asked to be checked into a different hotel across the way.

Apparently, maid service doesn’t always check to clear the room of used.. (ahem) … from underneath the bed.

A General Manager's Housekeeping Inspection Program: How To Create The Reputation Of The Cleanest Hotel In Town
A General Manager’s Housekeeping Inspection Program:
How To Create The Reputation Of The Cleanest Hotel In Town

And don’t get Web Watch started on whether you should drink from the unwrapped glasses found on the bathroom counters.  Even flight attendants everywhere will tell you to avoid making coffee in the in-room coffee pot, considering that’s how they like to wash their underwear on their overnight trips.

Well, Crypton Fabrics, a company that makes fabrics specific to the hard wear-and-tear common in hotels, decided to find out on their own exactly how dirty hotel rooms actually can be.

In a survey of 1000 travelers, they found that 70% of those who’ve stayed in hotels have found something gross along the way — bugs, molds, stains, etc.   Shouldn’t be too surprising — 87% regularly inspect their room for cleanliness as soon as they open up that door.

Of course, 49% decide to clean some or all of their hotel room themselves just to get to a minimum acceptable level.   Web Watch knows you’re going to ask, “well, what do they clean the rooms with?”.

Glad you asked — 24% have cleaned their hotel room with toilet paper. 

And now you know why there’s often half-a-roll missing when you first get to the room.

And yes, while you carefully inspect that floral comforter that isn’t all that comforting… 45% have found what they will call an “unidentified stain”.

Makes you want to buy one of those Hotel Sleep Sacks to keep out the bed bugs, just in case your hotel room is a little less desirable than others.