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The Top Earning Restaurants in the Country

It’s easy to start a restaurant or bar.

It’s harder to make money doing it.

But some bars and restaurants have figured out a way to make it happen, and make a ton of money doing it. Whether they happen to be in the right place at the right time, or whether they’re a destination unto themselves, these TOP RESTAURANTS IN THE COUNTRY have proven that where there’s a will, there’s a way to make some dough in the food business.

Waiter Rant
Waiter Rant

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What is the cheapest Vegas hotel worth staying at?

The other day, Web Watch was chatting with friends who were about to embark on their very first weekend trip to Las Vegas.

Being recently out of college, they were concerned that they wouldn’t have enough money to have a decent hotel room, food other than a $0.99 foot-long hot dog, some gambling, some clubbing, taxis… well, you get the drift.

One of the questions they asked us was for recommendations on saving a little bit of money – but not to go all crazy. After all, this is VEGAS we’re talking about, and they really wanted to live it up BIG on whatever money they could afford to spend.

Las Vegas Little Black Book: A Guy's Guide to the Perfect Vegas Getaway
Las Vegas Little Black Book:
A Guy’s Guide to the Perfect Vegas Getaway

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The Top Grossing Nightclubs and Bars for 2013

Nobody likes to go to a bar or nightclub that’s empty.  Chances are, it’s empty for a reason.

And it’s likely to close soon.

There’s a reason that most nightclubs and bars operate on a cash-only basis – they may not be around long enough to warrant opening a credit card processing account with their bank.  If they even have a bank at all.

Nightclub Wristbands
Nightclub Wristbands

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Things to do in Las Vegas for Women ONLY

Who doesn’t love a good escapist vacation to Las Vegas?

Granted, it all depends on whether you can appreciate everything that Las Vegas has to offer, whether it be the gambling, the sun, the food, the celebrity sightings, the nightclubs, or the random hook-ups with complete strangers resulting in waking up in a bathtub with a note about how your kidney was stolen and sold on Craigslist.

It happens.

Cocktails! Ten Years As A Las Vegas Cocktail Server
Cocktails! Ten Years As A Las Vegas Cocktail Server

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Casinos earn 50% of their revenue from just 3% of their customers

Do you consider yourself a gambler?

Some people enjoy heading out to Las Vegas or their local casino area, partaking in some fine dining, a show or two, and maybe take a chance at the tables or slot machines.  For some, that gambling portion of their trip can be an exciting time (check out any craps table around 11pm) or something a bit more depressing (any keno lounge at 3am).

The reasons that people enjoy gambling run almost hand in hand with the reasons that others absolutely despise gambling.  To the latter group, the issue is often “why bother throwing money away? Nobody ever wins.”

And for the most part, they’re right.  Casinos exist solely because the “house always wins”.  If they didn’t, then casinos wouldn’t exist at all. Gambling is a business, and if a business can’t make a profit somewhere along the line, it would cease to exist.

Casino Operations Management
Casino Operations Management

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Who’s going to win the Best Bathroom in America contest?

They say that you can tell a lot about a place of business (whether it be a fancy hotel, a fast-food restaurant, or your neighbor’s house — assuming your neighbor’s place would be considered a place of business) just by looking at their bathroom.

If the bathroom is dirty, then it’s likely the rest of the establishment isn’t being kept up-to-par.

If it’s a sparkly-clean restroom, then you can tell that the business cares about their customers.

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How to make the English Garden cocktail martini, a recipe inspired by Gordon Ramsay Steak

Web Watch was in Las Vegas recently, where we had the pleasure of dining at GORDON RAMSAY STEAK at the Paris Las Vegas casino.

Needless to say, famed celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay wasn’t there that night, but we’ll just offer a quick review of the place: in one word, “fantastic”.

Of course, it didn’t help that having Chef Ramsay’s name on the marquee led to a constant parade of tacky tourists with their camera phones, t-shirts, and flip-flops barging into the main dining area to take a photo or two of a place that they’re not spending a nickle in.  It was a bit disruptive to those of us with our own camera phones who were diving in to our own 2-hour dining spectactular.

But regardless of the lack of control the hosting staff had in preventing the riff-raff from interfering with our fine dining, Web Watch highly recommends Gordon Ramsay Steak for your next Las Vegas dining experience.

What?  You’re not planning on heading out to Vegas anytime soon?  Well – let Web Watch bring you a little bit of Gordon Ramsay to your kitchen…

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How dirty is your hotel room?

A few years ago, Web Watch was visiting Las Vegas with some friends.  As is the case when traveling with a large group of people – especially in Vegas – we all found ourselves staying in different hotels.

And as is the case with different Las Vegas hotels, cleanliness standards can be a bit different from hotel to hotel, company to company.

So while Web Watch was enjoying our crisp, clean sheets, one member of our brigade found herself being transferred from one dirty hotel room to another until she ultimately asked to be checked into a different hotel across the way.

Apparently, maid service doesn’t always check to clear the room of used.. (ahem) … from underneath the bed.