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The Top Grossing Restaurants in the Country

Ever wonder how much month there is to make in the restaurant business?

For the vast majority of small business owners, restaurants are one of the riskiest businesses to try to run; the failure rate is daunting.

But when you hit on a location, concept, menu, or otherwise have a high level of repeat customers who you can rely on for a steady income — then you have something.

And if you get to the point where you can appear on a list of the TOP GROSSING RESTAURANTS IN THE COUNTRY, then you know you’ve hit the big time.

Restaurant Owners Uncorked: Twenty Owners Share Their Recipes for Success
Restaurant Owners Uncorked:
Twenty Owners Share Their Recipes for Success

Such is the case of the LIST OF TOP GROSSING RESTAURANTS that Forbes magazine compiled, based on data through June 2011 (and excluding alcohol sales).  You may be surprised at some of the local favorites that made this list — primarily because of that pesky alcohol exclusion.

  1. Bob Chin’s Crab House. Wheeling, Illinois
  2. Grill on Main. Edgartown, Massachusetts
  3. Sparks Steak House. New York, New York
  4. Tony’s Restaurant. Houston, Texas
  5. Athenian Inn. Seattle, Washington
  6. Joe’s Stone Crab. Miami Beach, Florida
  7. Rickey’s Restaurant. Novato, California
  8. Bridgewater Grill. Golden, Colorado
  9. Elizabeth on 37th. Savannah, Georgia
  10. Jeeves & Company. Scottsburg, Indiana

So the most expensive restaurants (French Laundry!) in the country are not always the highest grossing restaurants.  It just goes to prove that reasonably priced meals can turn a profit, showing that volume beats pricing every day.