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Bald people are more successful in business than hairy people

As Web Watch has mentioned before, we know a fair number of bald (or balding) folks.

Our friends are usually accepting of their baldness, and tend to embrace it fully.  Perhaps its a generational thing, as premature balding is more accepted at younger ages than our parents and grandparents who do as much as they can to get their hair back via hairpieces, wigs, transplants, or wearing silly old-guy hats all the time.

The Woochie Bald Cap (flesh colored)
The Woochie Bald Cap (flesh colored)

But maybe the bald members of today’s working class has it right.

Go big, go bald.

And doing so will pay off in the end.

That’s what a RECENT SURVEY FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA had to say – that men who were bald (or at the very least, had a shaved head) were more masculine, more dominant, and had greater leadership potential than those who had more hair.

Some executives quoted in the study said that even shaving off thinning hair to be bald made them look younger and have more confidence than any other hair topper could be.  The typical male-pattern baldness look were all perceived as being older and less attractive.

The study even concluded that bald men were perceived to be taller than those with hair.

So what do you think works best for you, bald or hairy?  Why did you decide to go bald, if you were on that “should you or shouldn’t you” cusp?