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Every successful CEO was really good at kindergarten

You’re likely familiar with the book ALL I REALLY NEED TO KNOW I LEARNED IN KINDERGARTEN.

Sure, it’s a funny title and has almost become a cliche – but there really is a lot of truth to the topic, perhaps some item that you hadn’t taken the time to thing about recently.

All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten
All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten

In reading an article about HOW YOU CAN LEARN CHARISMA (which in itself is a fascinating piece about Olivia Fox Cabane and her job as a Charisma Coach), there is a reference to a 1957 New York Times article that delved into the philosophies of being a successful business leader.

The authors of that NYTimes piece did their research and came up with two different lists of skills that either 5 year olds should have, as well as those CEO-level management types.  Here were those lists:

List A: Dependability; Stability; Imagination; Originality; Self-expression; Health and vitality; Ability to plan and control; Cooperation.

List B: Can be depended on; Contributes to the good work of others; Accepts and uses criticism; Thinks critically; Shows initiative; Plans work well; Physical resistance; Self-expression; Creative ability.

Can you guess which of these two lists described the perfect kindergartener?  Which described the perfect business executive?  (you should click through to the linked article for the answer)

More importantly, which of those two lists best describe how you are in your own business dealings?

In the end, since the two lists are so similar in content, it doesn’t really matter which side of the fence you fall on.  But it does go on to prove that you really should encourage these traits in your own young children if you want them to be successful later in life.